Three friends with a great appreciation and love for glass art.

The time an artist puts into each work they create. The process of working behind the torch, the blood, sweat and tears. Countless hours spent from family, planning, prepping, practicing. Drawing inspiration. All of these contributing to the magical art they share with us.

We appreciate both functional and non functional art. We want to help put the art in the hands of those who will love and appreciate it. We aim to bring you the highest quality, and most sought after products our industry has to offer.

Spreading the Fine Art movement that is BORO~

The Glass Art movement is the next wave of fine art and we want to help you enjoy all it has to offer.

Support American Made Glass Art.

We began as an online only retail outlet for high end, one of a kind pieces of functional glass art. After 2 years of going to events, building relationships with artists, shops, and collectors, we officially opened the doors to our brick and mortar gallery on Dec 12, 2015.

Our goal is to put the emphasis on the glass, rather than having it just be a decoration in a traditional smokeshop. No incense, candles or tapestries here. When you walk in you will get the feel of a modern NYC, concrete floor, minimalist approach gallery setting.

Feel free to come down, check out what we have, and talk some glass! We love to help educate customers, and assist them in finding the right piece of glass they've been looking for!

Stay posted to our instagram for updates on product drops, event dates, deals and more!

Thanks everyone for all the support! We couldn't have made it this far without you all!